Deleted Partition Recovery

  • One of the best software which effectively restores data from deleted partition in Windows as well as on Mac OS X.
  • Retrieves deleted partition data with its original data structure, all file contents and file tree
  • Capable of restoring partitions that are accidentally deleted during partitioning operation
  • Enables you to recover partition deleted during re-installation of operating system or re-partitioning of the hard drive

Have you deleted a partition containing some of your important data?

Don’t Worry!!!!! Recovery of Deleted Partition is now possible with the emergence of some efficient and reliable partition recovery software like Partition Undelete software.

This is an award winning software which is well recognized by Industry publications. Moreover, this is faster, better and smarter compared to other freeware utilities as it can efficiently undelete FAT32 partition data lost after improper file system conversion on Windows 7. Read further to know what the Industry Experts and Customers say about the performance of this software.


Partition Undelete - Recovery Mode Selection Window

The software can recover data from partitions deleted due to all possible scenarios which are mentioned below in details:

  • Common Human Errors: Partition can be deleted / corrupted due to common human mistakes like accidentally deleting a partition using Windows Disk Management Utility instead of any other partition, selecting the wrong partition to format while re-installation of the operating system, or deleting a partition without proper data backup etc. Other than that improper usage of the USB external drives like abruptly disconnecting the USB drive from the computer while some data on the USB drive partitions are still in use can also corrupt the partition on the USB drive.
  • Virus Attack: Virus infection is one of the common reasons behind partition corruption. Sometimes, the corruption is so severe that it cannot be fixed even by the latest antivirus program. In such a scenario, deletion of that corrupted partition makes the whole system free from any further damage.
  • File system corruption: Due to file system corruption, we may delete a particular partition and later realize that some important data was there in that deleted partition. The file system can be corrupted due to operating system failure, sudden power failure or accidental system shutdown etc. In order to avoid the occurrence of such circumstance, you need to use best partition undeleting software which can easily restore partition from Seagate Momentus XT laptop hard drive after file system corruption in easy steps.
  • Error in re-installation or re-partitioning process: Any error occurred during the operating system re-installation or re-partitioning of the hard drive may corrupt a particular partition or a number of partitions resulting in data loss.

Exclusive features of Partition Undelete software are:

  • Partition Undelete software has two different versions to restore data from deleted / corrupted partitions from Windows and Mac OS X
  • Go to to perform NTFS recovery after formatting due to re-installation.
  • Its Windows version supports lost partition recovery and deleted partition recovery in order to recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5 and ExFAT formatted partitions of hard drive on Windows operating systems like Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008. Click here to know more about the partition recovery.
  • Provides best recovery solution to restore dynamic partition and basic hard disk partitions after file system corruption, virus attack, human errors. Follow the link to perform the recovery process.
  • The Mac version of Partition Undelete software supports deleted Mac volume recovery iMac, Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, Mac Mini etc.
  • Retrieve HFSX partition lost during re-partitioning of hard disk on Mac OS X and above versions of Macintosh machine
  • Provides you with an excellent feature of recovering damaged partition after boot sector virus infection, degraded boot loader or windows registry corruption. Check out the site to gain more info about this.
  • The software supports partition recovery on some of the popular storage devices (such as Hard drives, USB external hard drives etc.) brands which are mentioned below:
  1. Western Digital (like WD VelociRaptor 600GB 3.5" Hard Drive, WD Caviar Green WD20EARX 2 TB Internal Hard Drive, etc.)
  2. Samsung  (such as Samsung 830 Series 256 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive, Samsung MZ-7PC256D 256 GB Internal Solid State Drive, etc.)
  3. Seagate (such as Seagate Barracuda ES ST3750640NS 750 GB Internal Hard Drive, Seagate Cheetah 15K.7 ST3300657SS 300 GB Internal Hard Drive, etc.)
  4. OCZ Technology (like OCZ Technology Agility 3 Internal 60GB 2.5" Solid State Drive, OCZ Technology Agility 3 Internal 120GB 2.5 Solid State Drive (SATA), etc.)
  5. Maxtor (like Maxtor MaXLine II 5A320J0 320GB Hard Drive, Maxtor DiamondMax 16 160 GB Internal Hard Drive, etc.)

Precautions to be taken in order to avoid permanent data loss:

  • The deleted / corrupted partition data will be there in the hard drive of the computer even though they are inaccessible to the user. Therefore, they can be easily recovered using any partition recovery software until they are overwritten. To avoid overwriting of the deleted / lost / corrupted partition data, it is advisable that you should not save any new data to the hard drive containing deleted partition because; it may overwrite the deleted partition data leading to permanent data loss.
  • Do not install the Partition Undelete software onto the hard drive containing deleted / lost partition. You can install the software on any other healthy computer and connect the hard drive as a slave to carry out partition recovery process.
  • Do not defrag / reformat the hard drive because; it may make the situation even worse.

Easy Steps to recover partition using Partition Undelete software:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the Partition Undelete software and launch it properly. After successful launching select “Recover Drive” from the main Windows screen. Then click on “Partition Recovery” from the next Window in order to move on to the next processing level

Partition Undelete - Main Window

Step 2: After that select the physical drive which contains the deleted / lost partition and click on “Next” to start the scanning process

Partition Undelete - Drive Selection Window

Step 3: After the scanning process is over, you can view all the data of the deleted / lost partition recovered by the software along with their original folder hierarchy

Partition Undelete - Preview Window


It is advisable to take regular backups of your important data in order to avoid any kind of data loss in the future.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users